We're both up the same creek without our paddles

Hey I'm just blogging to get thing off my chest. If you can relate were both up the same creek without our paddles... I guess

Math class

So this is my first legitimate post and I’m talking about my math class. Awesome. So let me take you on a trip to my math class and tell you how things work. Basically everyone knows at least someone in that class and then there’s me. I swear my teacher hates me. She does group work a lot and I’m just sitting there alone. But there is a plus side to being alone. My math grade is the highest it’s ever been. And that’s about it.. So let me tell you something about the girls in my class.. About 80% of my class is girls and what do us girls like to do? Gossip. Since I sit alone doing my work I hear all of it.. And most of it is sex. I think it’s really gross that a girl who is about 15 in my class is sexually active. Like go watch Hannah Montana or something.. She talks about it like its her religion. And tells everyone. I’m not one to judge but where is your self respect ? Has society become this place where you have to tell everyone everything. It disgusts me. So I got the sex girl sitting behind me next to a girl who doesn’t shut up. She sits behind me and I swear if I wasn’t as classy as I am I would’ve slapped her across the face already. Now I know that May seem alittle harsh but she’s a bitch so it’s fine. I can’t stand her AND on top of that she chews gum like a cow. That is my #1 pet peeve is when someone chews gum really loud with there mouth open.. Then I have these girls who out of no where start talking and you’ll never believe the subject. You’ve probably guessed it farms… Just kidding they talk about sex. Now being the quiet one in the class I observe more than anyone else in the class so these to girls just randomly started talking about sex. We are in a math class and you are talking about your sex life. I swear they should just join the other girl and have tea and talk about there sex lives together. I’m so fed up with that class and it seems so endless. I’ll post more in a part 2 later !

A little about me

Hi I’m new to tumblr and I just made this blog to help me relieve some stress. Wether no one or everyone sees this it doesn’t matter. I’m just here to rant and if you can relate then we are up the same creek without our paddles. If that even made any sense…… I’m not the girl in school everyone knows and I have very few people I can call friends. I think that’s a lot better than too many friends to count. To put it in better perspective I can count all my friends on one hand. I’m basically going to post things about my life that make me annoyed. I’m not really sure how blogging works but I’m open to anything right now. I’m only 17 so I’ll be posting things on school and my love life if that will even ever exist… I’ll even post some tips on how I’m getting through school not fitting into the “popular” criteria.. As cliche as that sounds it’s actually a struggle where I go to school. I’m not the best writer so things may seem stupid but I’m writing what I feel. So if you really want to read about my whole life or if you even got this far reading then follow me.

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